Aarhus University Data, Innovation & Technology Public Health Lab


The GAFA’s – the major tech companies (Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple) is predicted to disrupt the health system within the next decades based on their focused user perspective, access to behavior data and relative monopoly. The EU GDPR and the Nordic registers do however provide us with a potential to develop an infrastructure that combine a close ‘sociomics’ interaction with the population with the use of public resources throughout their lifecourse. This is a unique opportunity to gain a frontline position in Public Health 4.0 research - as an attractive test lab in the end of the value chain and as a platform for converging a number of research


Denmark and the Nordic countries have due to our registries had a unique position in epidemiological research, which has resulted in a major contribution to our understanding of public health. The fast development in our understanding of our inner ecosystems (genomics, microbiomics, proteinomics etc) and the full population use of smartphone and personal sensor devices provides an amount and diversity of data that will extend the concept of P4 medicine. We have over the past decade build up experience within this field including collaborative agreements with data owners- commercial as well as public partners to form a unique data infrastructure. The resources are as follows


Our primary focus is to develop new ways to improve population health by bringing technology, research and innovation together. We will struggle to improve the implementation of the citizen perspective as the core in the development of future health and welfare solutions.


Our overall mission is to develop:

  • Public health as People’s health: Develop technology based solutions that capture the citizens perspective of health
  • Quantified to Qualified self: Supporting people with precise delivery of knowledge for a qualified decision of a healthy life course
  • Resistance to Resilience: A framework that based on high level research support people in a healthy balanced life in a fast developing society
The name signifies Aarhus University (AU) affiliation, and our societal position as university to provide systematic and independent examinations (AUDIT) of the public health area. The ‘Lab’ refers to the original argumentation for the need for a data management unit.


There is a growing understanding in Denmark and the Nordic countries of the need for development of a strong data infrastructure to unfold the unique Nordic research- and innovations potential as described above. There are a number of initiatives, that contribute to this area mainly based on hospital services. The other Regions have focused on different areas and especially the Capital Region has over the past decade had a strong organization based on their large life science companies. The Central Denmark Region have a number of clusters that may be synergistic to the AUDIT initiative. We have clusters of health data platforms and artificial intelligence as well as food innovation that adds well into a citizen P4 medicine focus. Our faculty has recently announced that they will give priority to take part in the so called convergence revolution of health- which is very much in line with the basic thinking of the AUDIT initiative